Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bees the Buzz


Its quite liberating to have ones hair cut off. When I got my hair cut on wednesday, I went in without really thinking about my choice and prepared to give it all up (hair wise).  I had been wanting short hair for the longest time but it didn't really register with me just how real the decision I made was until it was time.  Between my sister and I, I was first, therefore my aunt sat me down and asked me again (fore this was not the first time we had discussed my hair choices) if I was sure and ready for the responsibilities of having a hair length that would be somewhat difficult to maintain. I told her I was confident in my choices and only asked to leave my bangs at the length they were already.  Seeing how there was no way to convince me otherwise, she moved me to the sink.  Just as she was about to start washing, she stopped and asked me if I would be okay with her tying my hair up so I could keep it. Without really giving it a second thought, I said yes (mostly because I didn't really know what she had meant).  She took me back to her chair and tied up the hair that I had not cut for almost exactly a year  and took out her scissor.  That was when I got scared.  I did something that I so rarely do in public: I panicked.  All of a sudden cutting so much of my hair became quite terrified me and I began to rethink my choice and even considered telling my aunt I no longer wanted to try short hair.

 As soon as my aunt saw me panic and ask her why couldn't she wait until after the wash to cut, she answered jokingly "to save water" and then proceeded to asking if I was ready. Although I really wasn't, I lsaid yes. My heart dropped as soon as she made the first cut; I began to reflect all the "good"(note the quotation marks) times I had having long hair, the annoyance I felt towards it when washing, drying and styling, and truly began to miss it,just a little. As reality sunk in, my ponytail was detached from the rest of my hair and it was time for my first wash with the new hair length. 

I will be honest, I don't know why or how I convinced myself to go through with the cut, but I'm glad I did.  Though I will and do miss my hair long, it was,and still is, nice to have some (hair) weight lifted from my shoulders...literally.  As I walked to the sink to finally give my hair the wash it had deserved, I began to cheer up a bit and I cherish how relieved and good it felt to not be weighed down by long hair. 

It has been about 4 days since the cut; Although I miss being able to use hair tools without worrying about burning the back of my neck, I love my new look more and more as each day goes by.  Getting a new cut is a commitment, a commitment I did not really put as much thought into as I should have so thank the Lord the choices I made don't make me look TOO bad (haha get it ;) ). In a way it's like being in a relationship; you have to get to know each other all over again, know how to take care of it, love it, care for it, and more. So if you are someone thinking about trying a short hair remember this: Picturing yourself with short hair is one thing, but actually having it is another.  It is a choice that takes courage,confidence and more to go through.

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Dress // H&M
Jean Jacket //  Taiwan
Gladiator Sandals // Marshalls
Shades // H&M

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Photos By: Brian Lin

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