Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet dreams are made of these?

It has a mind of its own, and by it I mean my mind,brain or whatever you choose to call it.  I usually don't get a lot of dreams; In fact most nights I just go to sleep and wake up without really experiencing some mind boggling adventure, and it's great! However last night was one of the rare occasions of having a vivid dream.  The weird part of about these dreams is that usually you have two mindsets while experiencing it: the mind that is utterly confused and has no idea why and how you are here and the mind that belongs to your dream self, perfectly fine and aware and informed of the ins and outs of the situation you are dreaming of. Well in this particular dream I did not have the first mindset, in fact, I just went with the flow of things.

In this particular dream I was a merely a spectator of what was going on. Before transitioning to this dream my mind was on another wet dream, where I was literally drenched in rain. In this dream what I was seeing was two of my favorite characters from one of my favorite television shows, who did end up together by the end of the series, consummating.  I won't go into details about the actions and noises I saw while in this dream because quite frankly no one wants to read such information that should really only be kept to yourself or between you and your partner, but I will say this, I was turned on and that was what disgusted me.  While in the dream I was pretty into what was going on and even began to picture myself taking the place of one of the two and as if seeing it once wasn't enough, my mind began to replay the scene over and over and over and...yeah I'm assuming you get the point.

This hasn't been the first time I've had dreams like these so what I'm wondering is why do they keep happening? Maybe its because I subconsciously really want to be in a relationship therefore I keep fantasizing about people and myself being with someone intimately?  Could the reason behind having these dreams be because of my history of seeing scenes like these or my lack of faith in my walk with God? Could He or the enemy be trying to tell me just that? Part of me is sorry for letting my mind play these situations in my head and also for not being able to control them, but the other part wants to feel sorry for having these dreams but isn't.  Although he knows all even before you commit an action, He is also a forgiving God and is always willing to help so praise the Lord He is!  Now that is has been almost two hours since having the dream the details of the dreams are slowly becoming less clear for me to remember.  Hopefully, with the help of God, I will be able to control and stop these types of visions from happening.  Now if you were to ask me between having vivid dreams or dreamless nights which would I choose, I'd say dreamless nights, because they are less stressful and more innocent to deal with therefore less guilt tends to come with it. So thank goodness I wake up most mornings without a single memory of what I dreamed of or even IF I had a dream.

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