Sunday, March 2, 2014

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For the past couple of days it has been raining here in the Bay Area and let's just say I am so glad, for now at least, it has stopped.  If there's one thing I miss about SoCal is definitely how easy it is to dress each day.  So without further ado, lettuce(mmmmm lettuce) dive into this breaking down this look:
As spring is slowly making its way here, I look forward to dressing up for warmer weather but for now as it is still quite cold here for California I remain in my semi-winter styled clothes.  Due to the limited long-warm sleeves I own, I often find it quite hard to change up the top-portion of my outfits. So as I was sitting in front of my closet coming up with my outfit for the day, I began to lean towards the color black for my top.
The beauty of the color Black is it makes all body types look, well, good! I went for this cowl-neck sweater dress because of how the collar drapes itself. To prevent myself from freezing, I wore a black long-sleeve to stay warm throughout the day.
The last time I wore this skirt was perhaps last spring.  So why not bring it back just as spring is starting to show itself again? This piece adds a unique-flare to the outfit and, in my opinion, a refreshing approach towards wearing stripes. 
While both the top and the skirt makes the outfit look very feminine, the outfit was still missing an edge.  So to "fix" this problem I finished the look with this utility jacket. Surprisingly all three pieces went well together; the blue and white stripes on the skirt compliments both the black and the olive tones of the other pieces.  
Accessorizing-wise I went with one of my dainty stud earrings.  Because of my color palette and choice in patterns, it didn't make sense to go crazy with accessories. Over-doing things in the jewelry department when your look doesn't need it is  a lesson I learned the hard way and a skill you should try to avoid having.  
Going with my whole-staying-warm theme, I decided to wear my grey boots.  This pair makes it easy and comfortable to walk around and has fur lining in the inside which keep my shin and feet warm while I am out.
During the raining period of the last couple of days, I've learned something about myself: I am not a fan of the rain. Maybe it is because of my years in SoCal but clouds and raindrops just don't sound very pleasant to me.  Perhaps it is because of how difficult it is to dress(considering the MANY factors to think about for a raining day) for the hours your out getting rained out.

Well thanks for reading and well, what side are you on? Rain or Sun? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress //Forever 21
Striped Skirt//Gilly Hick 
Boots//Deblossom Collection 
Utility Jacket//Forever 21
Stud Earrings//Marc Jacobs

Til next post~!

Photos By: Brian Lin

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