Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Again

Like every Sunday morning, I struggled to find an outfit to wear.  Now I don't know if it's just because I do my blog shoots on Sunday or what but Sundays are always the hardest to dress for.  
So here it goes the look:
I've been feeling like a lot of my looks are becoming too alike so I chose this top. This piece is one that I have not worn since, well, since fall.  Therefore what better way to change up your look then by wearing something you haven't worn in a while? 
This picture has me in bit of an awkward position haha. Anyways, not a lot of colors go with the different shades of red so I decided to go with a safer route with these black corduroy pants.  I didn't go with jeans because well...I wasn't interested in looking like a flag this February. 
Accessorizing for outfits are always a tricky situation; Much like make up, if you put too much on you look quite tacky, over done, and, quite frankly, takes away from the outfit. 
After taking a bit of time to figure out which pieces went with the look, I ended up choosing a bracelet that I haven't worn in quite a while too.  As you can probably tell, wearing pieces that haven't been worn for some time seems to be today's theme.
What I like most about this bracelet is its geometric shape. The colors are not as common and looks rather unique in my opinion.  On top of all that, it also shimmers with its rhinestone details.  It also  helps that the blue tone on the piece does not appear to make the outfit LOOK like a flag due to that fact that the shade is more towards a violet color rather than a navy blue.
In my very own opinion no outfit is complete without a jacket.  I love all types of clothes, but if I had to choose only a couple of my favorite parts of an outfit, the aspect of the jacket would be one of them
Adding on to the theme of pieces I haven't worn in quite a while, I chose my utilities jacket.  While there are definitely some parts to this jacket that I am not the biggest fan of, the color is definitely a winning part in the piece.  The green edges up the look just enough and is thin enough for today's 50-60 degrees temperatures. 
It has been said that majority of females love shoes. So like most girls, I believe that picking out the right shoes dictates your day and ultimately how you hold and walk yourself around.  I went with this light blue pair of flats simply because I wanted a flair of unexpected touch to the outfit.  On top of everything else...they're comfy!
This bag has been with me since my first trip to Taiwan, which was a long time ago.  It has proved itself to be continuously faithful and is still sturdy enough to hold my items needed for the places I need to go.  I can honestly say that despite it's colors starting to kind of fade, this cross body bag is still one of the few bags I rely on.
I think I am proof that if you spend a bit of time each time you are thinking about what to wear, you will be able to look at the very least decent.  Thank you for reading this far; you're eyes are greatly appreciated. 

Hello Kitty Top//Taiwan
Corduroy Pants//UniQlo 
Flats//TJ Maxx 
Bracelet//Forever 21 
Utility Jacket//Forever 21
Cross Body Bag//Tommy Hilfiger

Til next post~!

Photos by: Lidia Kuo 

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