Sunday, February 16, 2014

Knit Picky

Starting this past Friday I was at Winter Retreat with the rest of my Church Youth and man am I Tired.  The weather was a little bit of everything so thank God that we ended the weekend with Mr. Sun shining for pretty much the entire day.  So without further ado, here is this week's look broken done:
Since the morning up in the mounts were generally quite chilly, I decided to go for this black thick knit-sweater.  What I like most about this piece is how its able to keep you warm all day and how airy it is at the same time.  Perfect for the mounts if you ask me.
Like the top I chose, this necklace was one yet another piece I could not wait to wear out.  I, as you can probably tell, don't really go out much.  However, when I DO have the chance to head out of my "man cave", I usually try to make sure that I look at least decent if not polished.
I think the light-green shade shows its true colors the best when paired with dark-definite-colors such as the almighty tone of Black.  It just glows ever so greatly on the black, giving it a bit of a glow in the dark effect. 
Now since it WAS a retreat and in a "natural" I felt the need to tone down the "glamour" of the top and the necklace.  To create the casual aspect of the look, I went with a good-old pair of jean shorts.  
Since I didn't want to wear my jeans again, I decided to compromise and go with the solution of wearing jean shorts with tights.  This combination satisfies my need to change up my pieces and the requirement of staying warm. 
Boots are my love so how could I possibly say no to bringing my black booties along with me to retreat? Originally I had thought of bringing my rain boots but they seemed a bit hard to pair outfits with.  So in the end I went with this pair due to the fact that they are both weather-proof AND easy to pair with different outfits.

Thanks for reading til the end pal! If you have read til the end feel free to let me know by commenting down below! 

Shorts//Forever 21 
Necklace//Forever 21

Til next post~!

Photos by: Lidia Kuo and Sisi Chen

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