Monday, February 3, 2014


This past weekend has been both the most fun and exhausting one of the entire far. I went to the Lenaea Theatre Festival, one of the many theatre competitions and festivals that happens up here in Northern California.  It was great meeting other passionate Nor Cal theatre kids and basically a trip filled with memories with my theatre family.  Anyways moving on! Mother recently came home from Taiwan and gifted to me some new pieces...yayy!! the city of Folsom is generally a very cold city.  Therefore like the two days before I decided to dress for the cold for the last day of the Festival.
 Lettuce dive into the details!
When I first got my "Love" sweater, I was reluctant to wear it mainly because I was aware that sweaters were and still are very trendy pieces right now and didn't want to be "trendy."  In fact, I've always been one to refuse looking like the crowds.  So I was always unsure of how to style it in a more unique way until recently.  This piece was chosen because it is one of my only warm pieces and that matched the gloomy sky of the day.

This skort(half skirt half shorts) has now become one of my favorite pieces in my closet.  I've been wanting a piece that was origami shaped for the longest time but never had the opportunity to get one.  Luckily it seemed my mom, without me telling her, knew of this craving and presented to me the piece. To me, this piece has enough class for Formal looks and can also be toned down to a casual but still sophisticated look.  More than anything, I just loved the chic front's cut.
As I mentioned earlier, Folsom was a very cold place to be.  This coat was sheltering me from the harsh cold winds throughout the entire festival.  If it weren't for this piece, I would be in am even sicker condition than I am in right now.  For some reason, depending on the light, this jacket will alter it's color between the tone's olive and brown, interesting huh? It is yet another piece my mother brought home for me and I absolutely am starting to grow very attached to it.  

Like the skort, I've always wanted a beret.  To me a beret is one of the most classic pieces that makes an outfit look not only put together but also adds extra class and makes you look well..chic!  When my mother first brought the many hat's home, I wasn't too drawn to this one simply because of the color.  However after I tried it on, I was surprised to how classy I looked since usually I don't go for hats of that shade.  Needless to say, I decided to go "all out" on the last day of the festival and risk of getting hat hair, all for the sake of showing off this lovely beret.

To make the outfit look put together, I decided to continue wearing my black boots so that the look did not look too busy.  When in doubt, wear black! You'll instantly look not only clean but also classy! 

I'm still recovering from the trip and may also be experiencing withdraws since it's been awhile since my last over-night theatre trip.  Once again thanks for reading til the end. You rock!

Sweater//TJ Maxx 

Til next post~!

Photos by: Althea Carlson


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