Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Styles: Blues by the Green

So yesterday night as I was getting ready for church, a thought came to me:  Sometimes, school isn't enough for a girl to get all colorful-ed up since it IS school we're talking about.  Without further ado, here is the breakdown of the look: 

Since today was my weekly visit to church, I wanted to look more polished than my usual school get-up.  Therefore decided to wear my blue blazer.  I chose a blue blazer because blue didn't make me look overly-formal and polished and also kept me looking like my age.

The white and teal striped shirt dress was chosen because although I wanted to look put together I also wanted to feel comfortable.  The shirt dress has a very soft and blanket-like texture that doesn't make you feel restricted what-so ever. The matching-belt allows me to define my waste so that my figure isn't lost in the baggy-ness of the shirt dress.

Bottom-wise, I chose my corduroy skinny-pants because I wanted the look to be a bit weird to the eyes but in a good way..if that makes sense haha. The pants are actually a dark dark shade of green which is probably why in pictures it tends to look like just ordinary black pants.

Honestly speaking, I wore these flats because I was in a hurry to leave and just grabbed the pair without really thinking if it would work.  Luckily they fit the (majority)Blue-toned color palette I had created so Praise the Lord for that and how comfortable they are!

I had been itching to wear both of these jewelry pieces for THE longest time and decided that today was the day to finally go for it. 

The bracelets geometric shape adds an extra factor making the whole look just a bit more interesting and unexpected.  

The dainty gold-necklace adds a bit more class to the look making the whole outfit seem more sophisticated and put-together.

Gotta say, writing about your outfit and why you chose what you chose is a bit weird considering the fact that I usually don't really have any reason to the choices, just that I was in the mood for it. Hopefully as I continue each post I'll be able to be better at both styling and writing my thought-process down. 

If you've made it this far, then I thank you for reading it all the way through! You are awesome! 

Hair flips are cool.
Shirt dress//Some Southern California Shop
Corduroy Pants//UniQlo
Flats//TJ Maxx
Bracelet//Forever 21
Necklace//Old Navy

Til next post~!

Photos By: Brian Lin

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