Thursday, June 26, 2014

André's Bouchèe

After spending part of the afternoon running around the wet sands of Natural Bridges State Beach and another part of it strolling on the streets of Carmel, I and the rest of the family were quite hungry.   So after exploring bits and pieces of Carmel, it was finally time for our 5:30pm reservations at André's Bouchèe, a highly rated (both in reviews and fees) restaurant we were to reward our stomaches with.
The venue exterior itself gave a rather homey and comfortable and so did the interior, with the many bottles and boxes of wine stacked all around where we were seated.  Although we were rather close to the entrance, being by the door did not bother us while we were there and that was rather nice.
Not only were we surrounded by wine bottles from brands and years that I would probably not be able to appreciate but we were also by the window; Being by the window definitely was a bonus when it came to taking photos of the food and decor and time since we did not have a clock around.  Here is my theory: restaurants like André's Bouchèe do not let their costumers see clocks because they want you to fully relax and enjoy your experience their food and service. 
(French words with Pricey prices)

(French Bread)
(Bisque de Homard)
(Foie Gras)
(Filet Mignon)
(Rissoto aux Fruits de Mer)
(Tarte Fine Aux Pommes)
(Coulant Aux Chocolat et Carambar)
(Profiteroles Au Chocolat)
(Crème Brûlée)
(Chocolate and Meringue)

Overall the experience was quite great. By the end of the experience I felt relaxed and full (therefore satisfied).  The service was lovely too; our server was constantly coming over to our table asking how was everything and seemed genuine when it came down to making sure we had the best time. The food was better than I expected MAINLY because I had never been to a genuine french restaurant.  If this was considered to be fine dining, then it was not what I had expected; what I had expected was small portions that were not satisfying or filling to one's stomach.  Now was it worth $500-$600 dollars? Maybe not. Would I pay to eat here again? Sure, if you're paying. So thank you to my dear uncle who treated us out for not only my cousin's birthday but also for the fact that I graduated(apparently). 

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Photos By: Your's Truly

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